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Our Story

 While on his voyage across Italy, Spain, Germany and other European countries tried, we realized modern design has killed the classic art, vintage earthy styles, the ones which made history. True Craftsmanship based lost its shine and attention to details are things of the past.

We collaborated with designers in Italy and started thinking of how do we bring back the classic Italian design, detailed craftsmanship, and techniques to bring characters never seen before. The end results: we started a journey that expanded over 15 countries (Italy, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, India, China, etc.). We launched our products in the US, in November 2018 and saw a great response from the folks here.

We are bringing over 400 designs to the US, adding 100 new designs every year to our offering. You will find unique, handcrafted, and etched handbags, wallets, clutches, backpacks, etc. Soon we will bring shoes, jackets, belts.

Our purpose has gone beyond just bringing uniquely crafted bags today. We started on a mission to have 90% women employees across Kompanero. We are pleased to announce that we have over 80% women employees at Kompanero by end of 2018. We continue to provide training, opportunities, and equal pay to future women designers, marketeer, sellers, and leaders. We will continue to drive to reach the goal of 90% by 2020. 90% of our leather is Organically Vegetable-tanned in our own tanneries where we follow the best ethical practices. Our efforts have earned us SA-8000 i.e., a high Social Accountability standard. We are pleased to say we have one of the highest ratings in our category.