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Our Story

KOMPANERO is a range of leather products with classy, luxury Italian design with precise craftsmanship. We strive to make a Timeless design as we believe in making products that will be your "Companion for life".  The deep passion for leather and naturally sustainable materials along with our love for handcrafting desirable and marvelous masterpieces motivate us to make beautiful bags and accessories that carry your world. 90% of our leather is Organically Vegetable-tanned in our own tanneries where we follow the best ethical practices.

Our New Line Belleza Mnadova (By Women, For Women) . A new line founded by our Co founder Tina. Supporting womens who have lost their jobs during pandemic to help and support them.

Piece Dyeing -
Each KOMPANERO bag is individually piece-dyed. Piece-dyeing limits or negates the need for stocking large amounts of inventory, reduces wastage of leather as well as water. Instead of tanning whole sheets of leather, we only dye the exact amount of leather needed piece by piece, thereby increasing the cutting yield leading to lesser wastage. Piece-dyeing also leads to much lesser effluent and pollutants as compared to traditional dyeing.
Natural Inside and Out.
Our philosophy is to be all-natural. Not only is the exteriors of our products pure leather, but even our interior linings are also made of cotton, thus reaffirming our commitment to nature and the environment.